Welcome to the InDependent Spouse™!

The weekly InDependent Spouse™ podcast is a series of fun, informative podcasts for the military spouse business owner

The InDependent Spouse™ podcast was born from a need to hear something new.

A need to hear from the inspirational men and women who experience service life from the ‘home-front’ while creating successful businesses.

To give a voice to those who are already achieving amazing things, and to inspire those who dream of doing the same.

As the traditional role of the ‘military spouse’ continues to evolve in line with the military itself, it seems only fitting to reflect these changes in a modern way. What’s also clear is the importance of developing your own role; one that gives you, the spouse, your own voice while also complimenting that of the service member.

In this series, Jess, a current military spouse running a business while living the ‘magnolia wall life’, explores the world of running a business by chatting to inspiring military entrepreneurs who do the same.

 So sit back and listen to their personal stories. Hopefully one day we’ll hear from you!

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Podcast Guests

Heledd Kendrick
Heledd KendrickRecruit for Spouses Ltd
Peter Mountford
Peter MountfordHeropreneurs & the Veterans Foundation
Louise Fetigan
Louise FetiganLittle Troopers
Natalie Trezise
Natalie TreziseYour Home Patch
Jo Lomax
Jo LomaxHuggable Heroes
Amy Nolan
Amy NolanGinger Rainbow
Grace Selous Bull
Grace Selous BullThe Rainbow Tree

Well done again for doing this, I think it’s absolutely brilliant. There are so many inspiring ladies that you can talk to, who are doing amazing things, and I cannot wait to hear all the fantastic stories!

Heledd Kendrick, Recruit for Spouses

Thank you Jess. It was great to meet you and be interviewed for the InDependent Spouse. There are many military partners who run their own businesses- I hope that some of them get some inspiration from this interview

It really is so exciting to have a place to celebrate and listen to the many amazing stories of military spouses out there, who are making a difference and creating awesomeness in the world. Our community is awesome, nice work The InDependent Spouse podcast, I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Amy Nolan, Ginger Rainbow

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Meet Jess

Jess is a passionate business owner who runs her business, Design Jessica, from her married quarter in the beautiful Chilterns. A qualified Graphic Designer and commercially minded Brand Designer, Jess works with inspiring entrepreneurs, bringing clarity and vision to every project she works on. Realising that there would be many military postings, Jess purposely built her company so it could be transient. Recent moves have seen Jess run her company from Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, and now Buckinghamshire.

When Jess isn’t running her business, and creating podcasts you can find her singing in her local Military Wives Choir, working on the Forces Enterprise Network Community, or getting bashed on a hockey pitch. She’s married to a wonderful, but very ‘operational’ RAF Officer, currently based in Northwood HQ and lives with her two rescue cats Freya and Odin.

Jess Sands
Jess SandsPodcast Host, Owner at Design Jessica, and military wife
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The Official Part

Jess Sands is no stranger to the challenges of starting a business.  A few years ago, she was a successful full-time graphic designer, with a portfolio including Disney, Caroline Gardner and Marks & Spencer.  But when she met her future husband, a pilot in the RAF, everything changed.  Moving house every two years meant that Jess had to give up the career that she loved.  After a year struggling to get employment in a market that is often reluctant to hire military spouses due to their transitory nature, Jess decided to develop her own business Design Jessica.  Since then she has gone from strength to strength.

Jess is passionate about helping other military spouses through the same difficult transition that she made.  Her business specialises in designing logos for new companies being set up by spouses, and as a founder of the Forces Enterprise Network Business Community, she encourages others in similar situations to share their experiences and challenges, helping them to help themselves.  Now she has a new project aiming to give a voice to those who are already achieving amazing things, and to inspire those who dream of doing the same.

The Independent Spouse is a series of fun, informative weekly podcasts which explores the world of running a business by chatting to inspiring military entrepreneurs.  Aimed at enterprising military spouses, the first series sees Jess interview such luminaries as Heledd Kendrick (Recruit for Spouses), Peter Mountford (Heropreneurs & the Veterans’ Foundation) and Natalie Trezise (Your Home Patch).  Each episode is full of useful tips and amusing anecdotes, many of which will be familiar to those trying to create their own successful businesses while living the ‘magnolia wall life’.

The first series of the Independent Spouse is available now on iTunes.  Jess is currently selecting for guests for Series 2.  So, whether you are a military spouse starting out in business or are already running a successful company, if you want to share your story and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, you can get in touch with Jess at hello@theindependentspouse.co.uk.